Eric Pepin, has dedicated his life to one true passion and mission: to help others gain a connection to God. His own path was inspired by his childhood experiences growing up in New England, where he spent his time reflecting on the workings of the Universe. He became known for his abilities to give uncannily accurate readings to his family and friends.

In his early 20’s, Eric discovered eastern philosophical teachings including Buddhism, Jainism and Vedism, but wrestled with the fact that the sixth sense abilities that he experienced since childhood were considered taboo. He believes that psychic abilities originate in the brain, but have been lost in the course of evolution.

Eric Pepin

In 2003, he established Higher Balance Institute with the intention of finding others like himself and teaching them through their own personal experiences. By reawakening the sixth sense, students uncover the key to communicating with the Universe.

Disdaining terms such as new age, enlightenment and psychic power, Eric Pepin embraces science and technology. If you don’t believe in miracles, you never met Eric Pepin, and he will be the first to say, “There are no miracles. Only numbers that we have yet to decipher.”

Eric worked quickly to build the Higher Balance Curriculum which includes more than 100 audio and video courses covering nearly every spiritual topic. He also published a series of Amazon bestselling books including Prescient Visions and Waking the Immortal Within. God’s Last Secret is his eighth book.

Throughout his journey, he remains focused on his primary pursuit: helping his students advance and become masters and adepts in their own right.

A pioneer in the field of spirituality, Eric Pepin continues to teach cutting-edge material that pushes his students to attain spiritual experiences for themselves while embracing modern technology and meeting the day-to-day demands of life.